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Sunbury Farm Market is currently growing, seasonal and limited. We thank you for your patience.
Farmer’s Market
Edible Flowers

Show your culinary expertise by adding an edible flower to your culinary creations. Not only are they beautiful but they are also packed with nutrition.

Farmer’s Market

We have a growing nursery! Filled with Aloe, Citronella, Christmas Cactus and Pothos. Along with a variety of berry plants.

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Cypress Animal Houses

Birdwatcher? We have bluebird houses available for shipping! Our wood shop offers nature creations that provides homes for animals. We source our wood from the local mill. Check out our Wood Shop for more services and creations.

Farmer’s Market
Fresh Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

We are happy to provide fresh produce! Our goal is to become a kale provider year round. This power food is an amazing addition to your diet.

Farmer’s Market
Wild Flowers

The perfect accent to any home. They add warmth fragrance and are 100% sustainable.

Farmer’s Market
Fresh Eggs

We take great care of our chickens. They have organic feed, oyster shells and are free during the day to forge. We make sure they are well protected at night.

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